The American College of Cardiology is a medical entity established in 1949 with the purpose of providing the specialist in cardiology with assistance in all their professional and educational needs.

The ACC was founded on December 2, 1949. It was located in Bethesda, Maryland.   At present its new headquarters at located in the “Heart House” in Washington, DC.

From the beginning the College has been dedicated to educating the cardiologist through various innovative programs. The first event was to celebrate an Annual Convention. This cardiology event is possibly the most important in the world, attended by 30,000 to 40,000 participants from all over the world and more than 400 companies display their products aimed at cardiovascular care. From here, various forms of education such as the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” (JACC) were developed.  This is the official journal of the ACC, ACCEL, and continuing education courses in electrocardiography, echocardiography, electrophysiology and others.

For the highest quality in the practice of cardiology, cardiologists are required to obtain the FACC (Fellow of the American College of Cardiology) degree.  They involve a certification in internal medicine and cardiology. In addition, recertification is urged to be performed every ten years and cardiologists also can be certified in the subspecialties.

In the cyber age, access to the network has been swift.  Any physician can have access to the ACC website (www.acc.org) where one can see all the articles in the journals and obtain medical education credits. The website is frequent updated with cardiovascular topics.

The mission is to promote quality in the management of cardiovascular conditions through education, research promotion and the development of management guides. Another important section is to influence the health management policy.

A. Improve the practice of cardiology through education.
B. Promote the prevention of cardiovascular diseases
C. Update cardiologists in the latest advancement in cardiology
D. Develop and promote the highest standards of medical management
E. Strengthen the ability of its members to effectively manage and improve their practices
F. Make products cost effective accessible to all members
G. Increase the value of being FACC
H. Collaborate with other health agencies
I. Develop the chapters to the fullest

Before being an officially accepted chapter, there were already state associations of ACC members with elected Governor who directed us during this time. The chapter of Puerto Rico was incorporated into the national ACC on March, 1989 at the ACC Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana through the mediation of Dr. Juan Aranda with the help of Dr. Iván Lladó. We were the third chapter to be accepted throughout the nation (being the first Florida and second California). This chapter has always had the reputation of being the most active, the one that gathers the most members and distinguishes itself in carrying out the most interesting annual conventions of the nation. We are recognized for the many innovations that are then emulated by other chapters. Among them, bring to our local convention as lecturers, professors from world-renowned universities, such as Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic. We also have a Cardiology Symposium which is dedicated to educating the community about cardiovascular health issues and also, having given courses on cardiovascular management guides to cardiologists in Puerto Rico.

In 2008 we were honored with the election of Dr. Mario García-Palmieri (RIP) as the first Latin American MACC with practice outside the American continental territory and Europe to receive this distinction.

The Puerto Rico Chapter is honored to be part of an association that has done so much to further the specialty of Cardiology in the world.

In October 31, 2003 an office was purchased for the Chapter.  This is located on the first floor of the Medical Center Plaza Condominium and was inaugurated in May 29, 2004.  Here we have a conference room where cardiology conferences have been held for cardiologists, other physicians, cardiovascular fellows and nurses.  Actually, there is an ACC nurse and other health personnel chapter in Puerto Rico that interacts with us. 

  • 2004 – Outstanding contributions made to the Advancement of Science in Cardiovascular Medicine
  • 2008 – Hero Award
  • 2009 – Chapter recognition award for excellence in Education Honorable mention
  • 2009 – Chapter recognition award for excellence in State Advocacy, Spirit of Excellence
  • 2010 – Chapter recognition award for excellence in Education
  • 2014 – Chapter recognition award for excellence in Transformation of Care and membership Value and Engagement

Annual meetings are held regularly, where varied types of health personnel assist. 

Our conventions have always been designated for internists, cardiology fellows, cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, electro physiologists, cardiovascular surgeons involved in the management of cardiovascular disease and any other physicians and health personnel interested in the cardiology field.

The Puerto Rico Chapter of the American College of Cardiology on its meetings is committed to provide the most updated information regarding the management of complex cardiovascular diseases.  A well balanced scientific program is developed, emphasizing on new technologies and developments for the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease.  The program must always is prepared to meet the real educational needs of internists and cardiovascular specialists as other interested health personnel.